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How to get the most out of Fluted Wall Panels!

Fluted wall panels in an office lobby
Fluted wall panels have become increasingly popular in modern architecture due to their unique aesthetic properties and the ability to completely change a room

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Fluted wall panels have become increasingly popular in modern architecture due to their unique aesthetic properties. These panels are characterized by a series of parallel ridges or grooves that run vertically along the surface of the panel. They are commonly used on both interior and exterior walls, providing texture and depth while also adding visual interest to a room in a whole new way.

Fluted Wall Panels create Dancing Shadows with Natural light

fluted wall panels, timber wall panels, natural light, office, internal cladding, hallway
Fluted wall panels and natural light casting unique shadow patterns

One reason for the growing popularity of fluted wall panels is their ability to create dynamic shadows and light patterns. The deep grooves cast shadows at different angles throughout the day, creating ever-changing patterns depending on the time of day and the weather.

Create Depth in your Fluted Wall Panels with LED lights!

Fluted wall panels, LED backlight, hallway, timber floor, timber wall panel
Office wall given depth by Fluted Wall Panels and LED lights!

Professionally placed LED lights enhance the aesthetics and really change the feel of a room. LED lighting can be strategically installed behind or within the fluted wall panels to create a stunning accent lighting affect. Similar to the natural light, the LED lights shine through the flutes highlighting their texture, creating an interesting and controlled display of light and shadow.

Utilising dynamic LED colours and timings can really turn a room into an experience that people won’t soon forget.

Bring a sense of Calm and Belonging to any room

fluted wall panel, feature wall, timber wall panel, timber floor, seat, pot plant
Fluted Wall Panel Feature Wall!

A new alternative to just plain painting is a fluted wall panel feature wall! Fluted wall paneling can really help to create a focal point within an otherwise plain room. The panels repetative nature is also used to create a calming feeling and a sence of belonging within a room.

A repeated pattern or surface provides us with a feeling of security and belonging. It gives a satisfaction – a relief of tension – both visually and emotionally. Repetition is like something beautiful that has been given to you plentifully. That is the essence of repetition.

Liz Nilson – Repetition as Inspiration, Meditation and Practice

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