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Monstera Thai Constellation: Back

In this photo you can see the back of a Monstera Thai Constellation, which has had its largest leaf and stem cut for propagation. The Monstera is surrounded by other indoor plants and is facing the direction of the nearest glass door.

The Monstera Thai Constellation is a rare and highly sought-after cultivar of the Monstera deliciosa plant, which is native to the rainforests of Central America. This variety is known for its striking variegated leaves, which are a mix of green, creamy white, and sometimes even pink. The leaves of the Monstera Thai Constellation are large and heart-shaped, with deep lobes and perforations that give them a distinctive tropical appearance.

Like all Monstera deliciosa plants, the Monstera Thai Constellation also features aerial roots. These roots are long, slender, and grow out of the stem at intervals. They are covered in a layer of velamen, which is a specialized tissue that helps the roots absorb moisture and nutrients from the air. As the roots grow and come into contact with a surface, they will begin to cling and climb, eventually forming a network of roots that can anchor the plant in place.

The aerial roots of the Monstera Thai Constellation are particularly interesting because they can add to the plant’s overall aesthetic appeal. Many people find the long, slender roots to be visually appealing, and some even choose to incorporate them into their home decor by wrapping them around poles or other surfaces. Additionally, the variegation on the leaves of the Monstera Thai Constellation can make the plant even more striking when combined with the aerial roots.

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